Third Life Economics headed by David Marlow, a visionary Chief Executive and leading development economist, uses intelligence, robust evidence and analysis creatively to enhance economic development policy choices and develop tailored solutions for the public, private and third sectors. 

"Third Life Economics works with clients and partners to deliver real economic outcomes that maximise and sustain future prosperity - challenging norms, developing realisable visions and plans, and building the organisations to deliver them." 

David Marlow brings extensive expertise in understanding local, regional and national opportunities and challenges, enhancing organisation performance, developing partnerships and sharing best practice. 

Third Life Economics’ services support the public, private and the third sector to improve economic and organisation performance through advice and support with:

  • Leadership and management - delivering business priorities, performance improvement, organisation turnaround and reinvention in large complex institutions at Chief Executive and senior management level.
  • Research, intelligence and advice on the major choices facing organisations concerned with:-
    • economic development and regeneration;
    • business growth, knowledge economy and higher level skills;
    • sustainable economy, low carbon growth and climate change;
    • globalisation, international development and collaboration. 
  • Economic growth and development by formulating and implementing major development strategies, policies, programmes and projects to achieve business growth, economic development and regeneration.
  • Enhancing public and private sector networks, dealing at up to Minister/Chairman and Permanent Secretary/CEO levels to build confidence and partnership working between public and private sectors that defines and delivers mutual ambitions.
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